Minecraft Comes Alive. Requires: Forge, Minecraft 1.5.2. What it does: Turns villagers into unique individuals with whom you can trade, chat, and even marry. Just one problem: Requires that. MOE FISH BOT! Moe Fish Bot is a small fishing bot I put together that is slowly growing into a pretty fancy piece of code. features:. Fishing Bot. I was playing around with 1.16 and thought it was silly that they are trying to nerf afk fishing (fishing is totally broken in latest snapshot FYI) so for all you linux users out there.. here's a simple afk fisher in bash script. This focuses the game window, exits the menu then reads the subtitles and acts accordingly. PC Tutorial. Setup guide for PC. It’s easy to make Naver Bot work on PC games. 1. Login. First, you need to login with the username and password that you created when you purchased the bot. If you haven’t downloaded the bot yet, you can do so via the dashboard. 2. Basic Setup..

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